What is The Archive?

The Archive is the future of preserving stories. We conduct a completely personalised cinema quality video interview of the Speaker so they can tell their story in their own words.

Get with the Times

People in today's age are most engaged with video content. Yet, the passing down of stories has not caught up and is at risk of becoming obsolete.

Imagining the Value

One day those you love will be gone forever. Don't rely on memory, take the time now to safeguard their memory for generations yet to come.

Safe and Secure

All entries will be stored physically and digitally, with a copy of each existing in case one should be lost or damaged. The digital copy will also be stored offline.



Daniel J Delaway

The Archive was started in 2020 after the sudden passing of Daniel's grandfather from cancer. Not wanting to lose the stories of his grandmother he promptly bought the necessary filming equipment and created a studio to capture her stories. Daniel began to realise that storytelling was at risk of becoming obsolete as the older generation was used to writing down their stories, and often didn't have the technical know-how to record themselves, while the younger generations prioritised video content.

Now, his mission is to give other everyday people the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that future generations can appreciate and learn from by offering affordable cinema-grade video interviews.