The Archive

A digital bank of the lives of everyday people told through personal video interviews

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Memory Fades

Don't rely on your memory or a handful of photographs. Capture them as they are now through a HD 4K video interview.

Be Proactive

We have the technology and you have the stories. Book an interview today so you never regret waiting until it was too late.

Forever Appreciated

Create a valuable resource that everyone will value far into the future. Family, friends, descendants, and many others.

Don't wait until it's too late..

The Video Interview

The Archive is the future of preserving stories. Don't let the people most important to you fade away over time - immortalise them as they are now.

Get with the Times

People in today's age are most engaged with video content. Yet, the passing down of stories has not caught up and is at risk of becoming obsolete.

Imagining the Value

One day those you love will be gone forever. Don't rely on memory, take the time now to safeguard their memory for generations yet to come.

Safe and Secure

All entries will be stored physically and digitally, with a copy of each existing in case one should be lost or damaged. The digital copy will also be stored offline.


Next 20 Interviews Completely Free

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"My story isn't worth telling"

The Archive's purpose is not to glorify the accomplished but rather to give everyone a chance to be remembered meaningfully into the future, no matter what walk of life they come from.

"Why is The Archive worthwhile?"

The most important part of humanity are the humans. The shared memories, experiences, and knowledge that can be passed on to ensure a brighter future that can learn from the past.

"Who can make a Submission?"

Everyone is welcome to take part in a shared global history. Whether for yourself or for others. A complete history of humanity is not possible with people from all walks of life.

If you're curious about our questions, try and answer some with family or friends.

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“Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future.”

Elie Wiesel