The Archive

A digital and physical bank of the lives of humans told through personal video interviews.

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The Past

Before writing was widespread people's stories were remembered through oral tradition. If stories were passed down it was often done inaccurately and lasted two generations at most.

The Present

Video is by far the best and most engaging way to record a life of stories. Whether you or someone you care about has a story to tell, taking the time now will create a priceless resource for everyone.

The Future

The Archive will safeguard stories both digitally and physically, for thousands of generations to come through personal recorded video interviews, and professionally crafted leather-bound books.

What is The Archive?

Preserve what matter most

The Archive's mission is to preserve life stories for the future so others may learn from, and interact with, and appreciate their legacy.

Video Interviews

People in today's age are most engaged with video content. Yet, the passing down of stories has not caught up and is at risk of becoming obsolete.


Imagine you could sit down with your great-great-grandparents, heroes, or thought leaders of the day, listen to their advice and stories. Wouldn't that be valuable to everyone?

Kept Safe

All entries will be stored physically and digitally, with a copy of each existing in case one should be lost or damaged. The digital copy will also be stored offline.


How it all works

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"I don't believe my story is worth telling..."

The Archive's purpose is not to glorify the accomplished but rather to give everyone a chance to be remembered meaningfully into the future

"Why is The Archive a worthwhile alternative?"

All current forms of remembrance are technologically outdated. The alternative is the story and life being permanently lost over time

"Who can make a Submission to The Archive?"

We encourage anyone that wants to have lasting video memory of a life of someone dear to them, or has their own story to tell, to make a Submission

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“Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future.”

Elie Wiesel